Before and After

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Del Lago - A complete remodel of a 1980's era residence and landscape in a high-end gated community in North San Diego County. The existing landscape was composed of extensive areas of lawn, 'red apple' iceplant on slopes, and 8 mature Canary Island date palms close to the house. An existing swimming pool and all hardscape, patios and walls were replaced with a design reflecting the new owners' needs, as well as present day realities of fire safety and low water use. The new design, which included a re-grading of the site and zero edge swimming pool, opens and enhances distant skyline views, and creates useable lawn for play and entertaining with a fraction of the previous turf area. It also creates fire safety buffer zones while significantly reducing irrigation needs. Many edible plants, flower displays, native species, and a large vegetable garden area were also incorporated into the design, creating a more ecologically diverse and sustainable landscape.

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